April 2015

Spring is coming!

IMG_4064The mornings are warmer and the day remains full of
light later and later into the evening. Remember when we were young and
Time just rolled into itself and we changed with each year? We actually
grew taller, grew up, and learned to live in the world.
Now as adults, do we still grow? What are the markers? I turn to chapter
6 in the Bhagavad Gita for guidance.

Here is what the BG says when asked,  “Who is the true Yogi?”

See if some of the answers fit your Life.

Where are you strong? Where would you like to grow more wise ?
1.      A person who does their job with detachment from the rewards.
2.      One who has attained the goal of meditation.
3.      One who is accomplished in the integration of spirit.
4.      One who can make the mind one-pointed through the practice of meditation.
5.      One who does not eat or sleep too much nor eat or sleep too little.
6.      One who responds to the joys and sorrows as if they were his own.

I believe our patience and perseverance to our asana practice reveals
these deeper layers of change.   We may not know the above 6 aspects
are at work, churning beneath the triangles and dog poses,  embedded in
the gut during twists and inversions. Yet  they are. They are seeping
up to the surface, ready to shake us into opening our eyes, hearing our
own hearts’ beat when the morning birds taking  flight, and reminding
us that we are part  of the indivisible nature  of Life.

On another note, I want to introduce Andrea from SoulVista Yoga in Buena Vista, CO.

2 andreareneyogaShe will be teaching all of my classes from Sunday April 19th through Wednesday April 29th, 2015.

I will be rafting down the Grand Canyon with friends
and unable to make classes. Yet I will return Sunday May 3rd ready to  teach the 4pm class and share the joy I felt for being lucky enough to be outdoors and in the magnificant walls of the Grand Canyon and under
the canopy of the infinite starry night.