May/June 2015

stonesyogacenterI came across this poem written in the 14th century by a Sufi.

Even after all this time
The sun never says to the earth,

“You owe me”

Look what happens with a love like that,

It lights the Whole Sky.


Do you sometimes wonder if a yoga practice can help you love?
I wonder this many times. I wonder this when I am petty, jealous,
judging, and irritated.
When taking a deliberate breath in and out, slow and steady, calms me
down, its a great moment. But when it doesn’t, when the attachment to my
thinking/feelings is so strong and believable, then a physical yoga
practice helps stir my circulation on many levels and I am better able
to later reflect and respond to the situation at hand.

A simple sequence is down dog to up dog and back again. Ten times! Slow
or fast, hands on height or not, it matters only that you move and
breathe and keep going. There is an organic link from the brain to the
gut of intuitive wisdom and connecting the two together through moving
allows the nerves to communicate and become unified.
Become a pearl bead on a string of pearls, just begin the pose and go
forward. The dharma string will pull you along until you feel strong
again and on your feet.

There is a deep string of pearls  threading all of us together. Every
time we practice, we are a pearl bead on the yoga thread. The thread
links us to the past teachers and to the even further past sutra
teachings of dharma, and concentration, and meditation, and the
indivisible oneness of existence. We have to show up, keep pushing our
thoughts aside, and jump into the practice at hand to get the link first
hand. But it works.

This is what I am saying: keep practicing. Over time the deep transformations
reveal themselves. And love is at the root, love turns the wheel,
love keeps the whole mess at peace. Do not struggle with your body,
your thoughts, your feelings, bring the whole mess onto the mat
and the transformation happens  on its own. Flowers grow out of
garbage and compost. We cant even imagine what flowers will
grow out of us when we feel scattered or inadequate, when our inner
garbage is overloading our systems, but flowers grow everywhere! They
sprout up from the coldest winters, bloom on the hottest days, die into
the earth and grow again.

Yoga asana is an experience of waking up over and over from
self-absorption, ON THE SPOT.
Inner confusion transforms into direction and wholeness.  A new day has
been offered to all of us. Lets live it beautiful, solid, and free.

I think that will feel like love.