Sad news, Prayers welcome…
Ginny Lindsley, a long time Yoga student, passed away Monday June 11, 2018. 
Her passing was sudden and we were all very shaken when we heard the news. Those of us who knew her as a dedicated yoga student on a weekly basis in class, realized how little we knew about Ginny. I knew where she liked to place her mat and her special set up for shoulder stand, but that doesn’t amount to much. Some of you knew her through going to tea together and learned about her many grandchildren and her travels.
We all were touched by her pleasant and friendly personality. Pooling our conversations and memories of Ginny is how we can know and remember more about her now. Wish we had another day to appreciate her and wish her a good day. 
The stark reality of death is marked by the absence of the person we wish we could see again and cannot. 
A memorial is being held Tuesday June 19 at St Luke’s Episcopal Church on Stover St., 11am.
TRX class is cancelled that day to attend the memorial. 
We will miss you, Ginny,
Cathy and your friends at the Yoga studio. 

Sunday’s Asana and Pranayama class is temporarily cancelled due to summer. Stay tuned as this class will be offered again!

Save the date for Rebecca Lerner!

YOGA WORKSHOP with Rebecca:  Monday June 18th  5:30-7:30pm  $40
(sign up at the studio or call to reserve your mat spot 970-231-0496)


From Cathy; “Go to the mat and practice. Even one pose can turn the tide on a sluggish day, sad heart, or tumultuous mind”






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