Starting Saturday, February 16, a new yoga class will be offered to current and continuing yoga students.

This class will include the basics of yoga; standing poses, twists, forward bends, backbends, and some inversions — taught safely by our Iyengar yoga teachers. This is a donation-only class, and no one its turned away. Attend when you can, bring a friend, donate if you can and if you cannot, the class is a gift. All money from these classes will be donated back into our community! A sign will be posted by the donation bowl naming the non-profit group we will be helping. I have three groups right now to donate to, and if you have knowledge of one that is meaningful to you, let me know and I will add it to our list.

The class is 9:30-11am. Paige and Josine will be sharing the teaching. Expect to sign in each time you attend, and if you have any medical issues please consult your physician for guidance, and let the teacher know your issues before class begins.

Learn more HERE about the nonprofit group that our current Saturdays’ class donations will support.


I will be out of town on Wed. February 20 but classes will still go on! Paige will teach the morning class, Josine the noon class and Carole the evening class.

Josine is out of town caring for family and we will keep you posted when this class resumes.

Sunday’s Asana and Pranayama class is temporarily cancelled. Stay tuned as this class will be offered again!

From Cathy; “Go to the mat and practice. Even one pose can turn the tide on a sluggish day, sad heart, or tumultuous mind”