August Updates

I have come upon an unexpected opportunity to study with my yoga teachers Rebecca and Dean Lerner in New Mexico next week, and thus will be out of the studio with my classes cancelled.

Thank you for understanding and I hope the change in our routine allows for something good into your practice and into your life as well.


August  5th, 6th, and 7th, ALL Cathy’s classes cancelled
August 14th, Cathy’s evening 5:30pm class is cancelled

Remember to breathe, and do your yoga homework….
……a few home yoga poses a day for sanity, stability, and sanctity.

Saturdays 9:30-11:45 am Donation Class—All levels

A few words on Donation Saturday…

This class represents a new beginning for our yoga studio as all money generated goes back into helping those around us. It is one way we can reach non-profit groups who are already helping others. The money goes to a different non-profit every 2-3 months. The class is donation only, and the non-profits are all in Ft. Collins. The class is taught by a variety of teachers; Paige, Josine, and Cathy.

The spirit behind Donation Saturday is to participate in an  exchange of energy between our selves and the Ft. Collins community.  Students pay any amount of their choice, the teachers give by teaching for free, and the money raised goes to a non-profit group in Ft. Collins to help people we live next to, or step over, or don’t even see.

The donations for the next several months go to support the non-profit SAVA.
SAVA is the Sexual Assault Victim Advocate Center, a non-profit that provides counseling and therapy services, a 24-hour Rape Crisis Hot Line, community education, and violence prevention education

The last donations raised $200 for the Friends of Ferrals cat spay and neuter program. Keep up the good work, Leslie, and Friends of Leslie!

Sunday’s Asana and Pranayama class is temporarily cancelled. Stay tuned as this class will be offered again.

From Cathy; “Go to the mat and practice. Even one pose can turn the tide on a sluggish day, sad heart, or tumultuous mind”