March Updates

The Yoga Studio is temporarily closed for the remainder of March. 
This closure respects the information we are getting on how to best contain the virus which is: stay at home if you can.

This is a big pause button from everyone’s daily routine, and while each of us must adjust in our ways, something in our awareness is opening globally….the awareness that we really are all interconnected, and we can not look away again at our own separateness. This old view of ‘me over here and you over there’ in China, or Italy, or New York, has fallen apart. We now see how we effect each other, be it a virus or a kind word, we can hold all of us in one palm. What we want for ourselves we also want for everyone else, good health and loving relationships.

During this time, be inspired by your own home creative yoga practice.

I will be in touch as when classes are back, hopefully in early April.

On another note, Both Dean and Rebecca Lerner will be coming to our studio for workshops.

Rebecca will be here Sunday June 7th for a 3 hour workshop
asana 3-5pm and pranayama 5-6pm 

Dean will be here in October.

Details to follow for both workshops as the time gets closer.