December 5, India Morning Class/Prashant

Good Morning,
Prashant taught a two hour class this morning and interspersed gems of wisdom, common sense, and asanas all around each other.
He began with seeing your abdominal region as an air traffic control center so that when we did dog pose, triangle, and half moon, we oriented our actions from this area. In this way we progress from a “do-ers manual” to being a “using manual.”

All of us began yoga as a beginner and needed to be told how to do. But at some point we should pick up the users – manual and start fresh. We  each have our own users manual inside of us. And as we use it….. What happens?  Are you ready for this response?
Prashant said:

I am letting this soak in to my dark places. It struck a chord.
Why do any of us do yoga? Well, I think this morning class with Prashant kicked me through the door of examplary compassion and now I get to figure out how that works through me.

December 4, India Update

Hello from busy noisy India!

The streets scream with autos, horns, and vendors, smell of smoke, grease and urine, and yet….. you step inside the yoga hall and instantly connect with the opposite: focus, quiet, breath. Contrasts are sharp here and always in view.
It’s a good thing to bounce between these two extremes because you really start to feel that the “you” that is getting pushed around by cars and buses is also present in the orderly yoga room, and is the same one who brushes her teeth at night. And this you is unchanging even as it is required to keep responding.

Regardless of circumstances, we are always being present and becoming present, and India and yoga are indifferent to us getting this intellectually. When it’s time to race across the street you pick up your feet and move your upper, middle, and lower buttocks fast. When the teacher calls parivritta parsvakonasana to Pv Ardha chandrasana you move your hand forward and balance on one leg without groaning.
Circumstances change constantly in India and so the extra training has begun as I learn to change with them.
The asana/pranayama begins on Sunday. Until then, trying swinging your leg forward from
Dog to parsvottanasana to Pv trikonasana back to dog, then forward again to Pv  parsvakonasana. To Pv. Ardha chandrasana.
All the while nailing the front edge heel plate to the floor. And using the femur heads like hammers to do. Creates stability while working on extension of lateral trunk. Try it!



December/January 2015

Happy Holidays Hi Yoga Students!
I am happy to announce the re-naming of the studio. Our official name is: The Iyengar Yoga Center of Fort Collins.

This means that all teachers, including the substitute teachers, are in training for Iyengar Certification or have already passed Certification.
The Iyengar method of certification is highly strenuous, precise, and takes a minimum of 2-3 years of serious commitment.
I am proud that we have three students in our midst who have done just that.
Paige Noon, Nicole Murphy, and Betty Ford.
All three passed with strong marks in three categories: a written test, a demonstrated practice, and a practical  teaching of six poses in fifty minutes. I am happy they are through this door and wish them well in their teaching.
I will be in India studying with Geeta Iyengar until Dec 13. See the schedule below with class instructors filling in for me.
Geeta Iyengar is teaching a special intensive on asana and pranayama.
I am excited to offer a new class beginning January 10th reflecting what I learn from Geeta in India. This class is open to all levels and is based on what I learned in India with Asanas and Pranayama. This class will focus on asanas that lead to better breathing and mental equilibrium.
As the Holidays approach, remember to take care of your lives. Each day starts anew for everyone.
Keep your self rested in body and mind, and approach your day with friendliness and vigor for yourself and for your responsibilities.

October 2015


Dear Yoga Students,

The focus of Yoga has many definitions.
I suppose they all can be correct, or proper, and even change as we change. I will throw out one broad definition that stands the test of Time, and that is:
Singleness of Purpose.
This Singleness can be strived for at the start of a class with a focus on the physical aspect of our being, just moving our limbs, joints, muscles and breath. Moving makes us limber and syncs up our scattered energies into the one body that we have and happen to be using at this very moment. Without knowing any more than this, that moving with singleness of focus on our limbs and breath, we get more solid. This is a great feeling and a great one to build on. As you continue with your yoga practice, at home or in the studio, a next step is to walk inward, into your ability to observe what you are doing as you are doing it. Not only does observation create awareness, but then awareness becomes the gate we have been searching for that opens the moment.
I invite you all to encourage your self when the mat looks daunting, or class looks too hard to attend, to still get to the mat. Nothing bad will happen, only the good of walking into the unknown will unfold.
Silence may arise, Silence may guide, Silence may be the Singleness of Purpose underlying all the others.
In any event, the awakened moment never lets us down. Good luck maintaining your practice during these Fall days, and when Winter is on us, you will be prepared for more subtle hibernating.