Restorative Yoga

This class belongs in its own unique category of yoga benefits. To have a consistent Restorative practice is rare, and yet more helpful to the body and mind than a rigorous asana practice. Why? Because the inner body needs fuel to persevere. The inner body is something we can’t see and thus tends to go un-cared for. A Restorative practice puts the emphasis back on our lungs, our breath organs, and vital fluids of blood and lymph. This practice has the potential to heal tissues from within by balancing the left and right sides of the body and brain and allowing for the breath and blood and lymph to circulate and heal damaged and fatigued tissues. Try it! Come to this class regularly. You will learn to relax, breathe, and be prepared for what is going on in your Life.

Class taught by Cathy Wright, Jr. Intermediate 111 Iyengar Yoga Certified Instructor

Class Monday 5-6:45 pm
$15 drop in
Or use your 10-punch pass