August 2015

I have some exciting news to share, I will be going to India for one
week in December to study with Geeta Iyengar. Well, I  and about 1,000
other Iyengar yoga students. She is giving a 1 week intensive on asanas
that lead to pranayama.
Pranayama is the branch of yoga that deals with breathing.
This direct focus on the breath takes the four phases of breathing,
inhaling, pausing, exhaling, pausing, and draws them out so they can be
noticed, elongated, smoothed out, and fully embodied. It is more subtle
than asana, and opens a door into meditation.
I will be adding asana/pranayama classes in Jan. 2016 based on what I

cathysitgrayscaleOn a more current note, Summer is moving by,
Fall is approaching, and where are we in our lives?

Take note of your daily routine: is there time for YOU in it? That is one of the benefits of a structured yoga practice, YOU get to see YOU.
And when that happens, the experience is totally unfiltered, never-before-happened, totally satisfying, and true.
These Seasons have reasons for changing, and maybe they nudge us to see where we can make changes, too.
Each time we don’t give into to a distracting thought or event, the seeds that are sprouting in the present are getting watered. Look at your life, your room, your car, your relationships, your wishes and fears; everyday they are there in some form to be watered.


A practice like yoga  starts strong on the physical plane, but as the
seasons change and we change with them, the physical level is not in
competition with our hopes and drives and emotional lives.

We see they are not -two. We are not-two or three or even four. The only delusion is
the self that thinks it can divide.

Have a good rest of your summer. See you in the studio, or in the tea shops around town. Cathy Wright