September – 2015

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September-October 2015,

Dear Yoga Students,
The summer days are naturally transitioning into early Fall,
and seasonal changes come paired with Reflection. We don’t
need a yoga sutra or magic fortune cookie to tell us that
Life is passing, Time is flowing, and yet, we are somehow
still “here”. We all feel “here”. Even when the mind is
racing on with plans or stymied by a mood or an aversion, we
are still “here”.

Taking Three Breaths, as many times a day as you can
remember, is powerful enough to put you back in your body
and the “here” of the present moment. The body is doing one
thing at a time and the mind is doing ten things, the Three
Breath pause stops this gap from increasing, brings
awareness to what we are doing, and in the end, is deeply

The asana practice we follow is in the Iyengar tradition of
being aware of what we are doing as we are doing it. This
approach to asana does not champion speed or perfection, but
it does champion alertness and awareness and leads to a limb
of the practice called breath awareness. Taking time out for
breath awareness is the beginning of slowing down and seeing
the mind and body in one place, at the same time.
Reflection comes naturally in this process, insight comes
naturally and so does relaxing.

Please hold a special place in your calendar for Monday October 12th
with senior teacher Rebecca Lerner. She is coming from PA to teach a workshop.
More details soon.

See you soon, Namaste, Cathy