October 2015


Dear Yoga Students,

The focus of Yoga has many definitions.
I suppose they all can be correct, or proper, and even change as we change. I will throw out one broad definition that stands the test of Time, and that is:
Singleness of Purpose.
This Singleness can be strived for at the start of a class with a focus on the physical aspect of our being, just moving our limbs, joints, muscles and breath. Moving makes us limber and syncs up our scattered energies into the one body that we have and happen to be using at this very moment. Without knowing any more than this, that moving with singleness of focus on our limbs and breath, we get more solid. This is a great feeling and a great one to build on. As you continue with your yoga practice, at home or in the studio, a next step is to walk inward, into your ability to observe what you are doing as you are doing it. Not only does observation create awareness, but then awareness becomes the gate we have been searching for that opens the moment.
I invite you all to encourage your self when the mat looks daunting, or class looks too hard to attend, to still get to the mat. Nothing bad will happen, only the good of walking into the unknown will unfold.
Silence may arise, Silence may guide, Silence may be the Singleness of Purpose underlying all the others.
In any event, the awakened moment never lets us down. Good luck maintaining your practice during these Fall days, and when Winter is on us, you will be prepared for more subtle hibernating.