December 4, India Update

Hello from busy noisy India!

The streets scream with autos, horns, and vendors, smell of smoke, grease and urine, and yet….. you step inside the yoga hall and instantly connect with the opposite: focus, quiet, breath. Contrasts are sharp here and always in view.
It’s a good thing to bounce between these two extremes because you really start to feel that the “you” that is getting pushed around by cars and buses is also present in the orderly yoga room, and is the same one who brushes her teeth at night. And this you is unchanging even as it is required to keep responding.

Regardless of circumstances, we are always being present and becoming present, and India and yoga are indifferent to us getting this intellectually. When it’s time to race across the street you pick up your feet and move your upper, middle, and lower buttocks fast. When the teacher calls parivritta parsvakonasana to Pv Ardha chandrasana you move your hand forward and balance on one leg without groaning.
Circumstances change constantly in India and so the extra training has begun as I learn to change with them.
The asana/pranayama begins on Sunday. Until then, trying swinging your leg forward from
Dog to parsvottanasana to Pv trikonasana back to dog, then forward again to Pv  parsvakonasana. To Pv. Ardha chandrasana.
All the while nailing the front edge heel plate to the floor. And using the femur heads like hammers to do. Creates stability while working on extension of lateral trunk. Try it!