December 5, India Morning Class/Prashant

Good Morning,
Prashant taught a two hour class this morning and interspersed gems of wisdom, common sense, and asanas all around each other.
He began with seeing your abdominal region as an air traffic control center so that when we did dog pose, triangle, and half moon, we oriented our actions from this area. In this way we progress from a “do-ers manual” to being a “using manual.”

All of us began yoga as a beginner and needed to be told how to do. But at some point we should pick up the users – manual and start fresh. We  each have our own users manual inside of us. And as we use it….. What happens?  Are you ready for this response?
Prashant said:

I am letting this soak in to my dark places. It struck a chord.
Why do any of us do yoga? Well, I think this morning class with Prashant kicked me through the door of examplary compassion and now I get to figure out how that works through me.