December 7, India Class/Geeta

The intensive begins!
Geeta explains that we stand up to learn something and thus begins a ten minute holding in tadasana.
The focus began in the feet and included the eyes and mind. Awareness of broad base of feet was experienced by rolling the outer foot to the inner in two places, the tarsals and the metatarsals. Without dropping the inner foot, the energy from floor to foot ascended the inner body and the mind got pulled into watching as well as being involved in the upward extension of the legs and spins.
Geeta takes and makes a body part simple and wide reaching.
The arms engaged in Urdhva hastasana for another ten minutes. Clavicles confined to widen and chest to open.

Triangle, upavistha konasana, parsvakonasana, vira 11, viraa 1, Chatush padassna, completed the morning program.

Ego mind transforming toward subtle ego mind, a beautiful sounding word in Sanskrit “asmita”.
The awareness of I being everywhere.  Not the I that knows attachment but the I that functions in relationship of Truth.