December 11, Last India Update

indiabuilding400  Hello!
Geeta has been an exquisitely clear teacher.

Yesterday’s class was a three hour look into backbends. I never realized how important and useful paschima namaskar and gomukhasana arms are to waking up and preparing the upper back and arms for backbends. We will work with these two arm positions next week in class until we all know where we get stuck and how to work with that place so knowledge and improvement grow together in the right direction. Having arms, shoulders, and upper back working together will help us feel good in our daily pursuits and give our home practice a special focus during the holidays.
If fast pace and commotion typify a holiday experience, then India is celebrating something daily. India is truly a day in stark contrasts. Quiet moments stand right next to loud moments. To see the little fingers of a girl silently tapping on the window of a car for a rupee and the loudness of the swirling cars and motorcycles ( and buffalo, cow,and dogs and buses….)
buzzing around each other, makes the kind of sense that draws your breath in and out without volition.

We are indeed all apart of each other. And to take care of just this moment, is our hanuman – inspired motivation.
See you all soon.