February 2016

new yoga window snowHello, this is to let you  know that the two Sunday Yoga Classes are
still in place, even though yes, it is Super Bowl Sunday.

The 2:30 class qualifies on the $39 special for anyone brand new
to the studio, as well as for other students hungry for the
basics of Yoga.  What it means to turn the front leg out in a
standing pose, or how to use the belt in shoulder stand, when to
use a prop for seated twists, etc.  The class meets for one hour:
2:30-3:30.  The other two classes that are included in the
special are Tuesday nights 5:30-6:30 pm with Betty Ford and
Thursday nights 5:30-6:30 pm with Paige Noon.  Attend unlimited
classes  for one month.

The 4pm class is a progression of carefully chosen asanas that
lead to opening the chest, filling the lungs, inhaling and
exhaling deeply in different asana, thus  focusing the mind
internally  and paying attention to the life giving force called:
breath.  This class is open to all levels.

The breath is valuable. The breath is available for study, for life, for
calming down, for breathing fast when needed. When the breath becomes an
object of concentration, we can follow it through various stages of
intensity and receptivity, thus stilling the fluctuations of the mind
and have  moments when the tail is not wagging the dog.


Sutra 111:4 States:

“when these three are performed together, it is called samyama.”

The three, are concentration, meditation, and no-self present. The term samyama is given to indicate that there is a sequence to contemplation, that most of us don’t just plop into no-self, but with practice and use of the breath we can ease the  mind gradually from external awareness  and progressively still it through the stages of concentration and meditation. When the mind drops of its own accord, then what is left is special and unique to each one of us. No one can take this experience away from us. It is the true merge with the infinite as the infinite. To be experienced, not to be talked about.
This is the hidden jewel in yoga.

Unlimited Yoga Package for Basic Iyengar continues to be available, with Basic classes offered on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, as well as Sunday afternoon.
We are pleased to report that the new Continuing Iyengar class, also on Sunday afternoon, has been a huge success. Have you joined us yet?