Yoga has a subtle aim: the practice allows for the flowering of  benevolence of spirit, a quality that is hard to produce because it is not found in external pursuits. This quality just may be our truest nature. 

The summer has begun, and I would like to add a few words to encourage us to continue to practice, even though it may be hot, even though we may not feel like it, even though we want to practice yet some other detail wins us over....."everything is talking to us, the heat, the war, the food on the table, the noise in the streets, the stars blinking one into one thousand......when we first start to practice we see all the separation and division, when we finish practice, we see and feel the one-ness that is fact and truth." Let us practice again, together, again and again and support in each other in this ancient art of wholeness.

Our new studio location is Source Point Acupuncture Building, 317 North Meldrum, Ft. Collins, 80521

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A bit about Iyengar Yoga...
I teach from the BKS Iyengar perspective of Yoga, yet BKS would be the first to say, "There is no such thing as Iyengar Yoga." He himself, knows this is a phrase his students coined because they felt so moved and grateful for his teaching.


So what does Iyengar Yoga teach?

Iyengar Yoga maintains a deep connection to the 8 limbs of yoga and follows the Sutras for guidance in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. It also understands the self is multi-layered and yet dissolves in an instant.

After 30 years of teaching yoga, my answer to this question has changed each decade.

In the first decade I said Iyengar Yoga teaches how to use prop to improve our alignment in the pose.

In the second decade, I said Iyengar Yoga teaches breathing and brings the sutras to light during class time.

Now, in the third decade, I will say something I could not have said long ago and that is: Iyengar Yoga doesn't teach anything at all. It is a practice that wants us to listen deeply to our own inner teacher and be taught by the whisper of silence and space that one touches in Savsasna.

You are most likely here as this is your interest or perspective as well, so please join the interactive Zoom classes listed HERE


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