January 2018

January, 2018
Dear Yoga Students, For One Who Practices Deeply,

I would like to start this New Year off with a wide perspective on why do yoga. Lets say we practice long home practices, travel to workshops and other yoga studios, watch videos, take notes, come to class without fail, and yet, something still seems “Missing”. What is missing? What is that longing that lingers in the back of our minds to still get our heels down in downward dog, or see our fellow yoga friends doing handstand or headstand, or wrapping arms together behind the back in seated twists, buy yet we still can’t achieve these things? Can we ask a deeper question?

These lingering thoughts are fine in the sense that all thoughts are fine to have, but I feel they miss the wide embrace of the unseen arms and hands that want us to know the Source of Who We Are. Practicing deeply means practicing the entire 8 limbs of Yoga over and over, and uninterrupted by busy days and busy minds.

I offer up these words from 4th century Chinese Meditation Masters:

“Birth and death are certainly great events, but for one who practices deeply, they change nothing. All heaven and earth could be churned over and falling apart, but for one who practices deeply, nothing would be lost. One isn’t tossed about as things shift back and forth……Pick any day and rise up out of this unreal world. Hold fast to the ancestral source.”

If this reading touches a chord in you, keep to your yoga practice as you are doing. And if it doesn’t, no matter, get a rolled up yoga mat and place your heels down firmly on it as you stay in downward facing dog for 2 minutes. You will feel the ground beneath your feet and it will encourage the deep direction our yoga practice is pointing to.

See you soon in the studio.
In Joy, Cathy