TRX Ropework

This is a rope conditioning program designed by TRX.

TRX stands for Training Resistance Exercise, and the program consists of using your own body weight as a resistance against the pull of ropes to tone and strengthen your body. Classes will be conducted  with clean tennis shoes on and in  a small group atmosphere (maximum of 8 students).

TRX classTRX is a great way to tone and strengthen your arms, legs, spine and abdominal region. This system of movement has many videos you can watch on you tube. You will get the idea of using the ropes, how to turn your body this way and that, and come out sweating at the end. The class that is taught here, Wednesday 7:45-8:30am, has the approach that paying attention to your alignment as you are doing the moves will ensure you are targeting the proper muscle groups and not creating an injury.
Classical music is played to keep the mind tethered to your calm state, so you can stay observant and involved in what you are doing. Thus this is not the high impact style you see often on videos, but it is still an intelligent workout that will leave you energized and motivated to stay physically and mentally open and fit.

Please come on time! Class will start and end promptly so you can get on with your day.

Class time: Wednesdays   7:45-8:30am

Cost: $15:00.  If you have a Yoga Punch card with Cathy you may use it for TRX.