Yogic Offerings

Samyama means concentration, meditation, and Samadhi.

111.25: By samyama on the form of strength, a similar strength comes. This sutra uses the elephant for samyama on strength.  Baleshu (strength) Hasti (elephants)  baladini (power). The elephants and sages roamed the forests at the same time and the elephant became a natural animal to see strength and power embodied. But also present, and still present, is the vast sky, the wide oceans, the flowers,birds, mountains, and stones. Any object can be fit for samyama.

Our yogic asana practice culminates into a wholistic pathway when the mind is brought under control and focused on awareness of all things around us. Samyama is NOT merely reflecting on strength, or being nostalgic about emptiness. Samyama is a deep form of attention.  At the moment of samyama self-awareness returns to its source. All inquiry fades. We come to know for ourselves what Krishna means when he speaks to Arjuna: The impermanent has no reality. Reality lies in the eternal, never changing. You were never born. You will never die. These are powerful statements of Truth. They may or may not strike a chord within you at this time. Practice unfolds daily, unceasingly, and never fails to reveal. Keep practicing at all the levels of the 8 fold path. No shortcuts! Practice truthfulness, vigor, down dog, breath awareness, quiet senses, meditation on object of strength, going deeper, and deeper, and deeper until you fall into the universe.