Iyengar Basics

Iyengar Introduction to Basics:

This class is an introduction to Iyengar Yoga. This is the class to begin your yoga journey.  You will learn the fundamentals of
the postures, called asanas. You will be instructed in how to approach them safely and to your capacity. The asanas chosen reflect a well-balanced use of the body. Standing poses, seated poses, twists, inversions, backbends, are all taken at a fundamental level so that you will feel confident in your body and mind. The breath is touched on, savasana is touched on.  Yoga begins with an understanding that we are more than what we think and feel, and through this mysterious process of
striking a pose, breathing in it, settling down the mind, not moving mind or body, we experience for ourselves our humanness and our eternalness. Classes are taught in barefeet.

If you have a medical issue, this  is not the place to start. Contact Cathy at 970-231-0496 and discuss coming to the Monday 4 pm class for assistance in medical conditions.


Drop In: $15

Class card with ten punches  $140. Card is good for all of Cathy’s classes.