Why Do Iyengar Yoga?

This style of yoga is one of many styles you can practice. Iyengar Yoga appeals to the student who has a curious mind or a distracted mind. When we move into a standing  pose, we are thoughtful about the position of the legs and arms as they relate to  the rotation of trunk and the position of the spine. We know we feel better when our posture is upright, and a yoga pose brings this awareness into each and every pose.

The curious mind enjoys finding out how something works, how the lift of the arch improves headstand, or the rotation of the upper arm improves shoulder stand. The distracted mind learns to come into this very  moment and focus on one thing at a time. Perhaps it is the position of the head when doing a twist, or the placement of the hands when doing downward facing dog.  In either case, the Mind is a component of this style of yoga. The mind is considered the branch of awareness that looks toward the body and at the same time toward the breath. Props are used to help the student achieve balance in an unsteady pose, as well as to highlight an action such as taking the back ribs into the body when doing backbending. The classes are methodical and build one upon the other. In the end, savasana is the cooling position that allows surrender of all levels of striving, grasping, and perfection.