Current Schedule and Pricing

Dear Yoga Students,

As we move through our time together in yoga practice, we walk gradually into jumping to and fro in a specific sequence of asanas. We go gradually so that if it is appropriate for your age and condition you can proceed confidently with what is being asked. And if there is an injury or weakness, or age related circumstance, no problem, you proceed taking care of these conditions wisely. What is being addressed here, is not how much we can do or what is it we can't do, or no longer can do, but can the mind follow along and stay organized for one hour of work? Can the senses and the mind remain interested and calm in the midst of learning new things?

The mind learns many things all day long, we will grow its ability to parcel out the body's energy for moving legs and arms forwards and backwards, and breathing with a rhythm that renews energy spent. We tumble around in an experience of appreciation for what we think is the good fortune to have a yoga practice, when actually the yoga practice is wiping our personality out of the line of sight.

See you in the studio,





Yoga Asana – 4-5:15pm

Zen Meditation – 5:30-6:30pm

Yoga Asana – 7:30-8:30am

Yoga Asana – 9:30-10:45am



None at this time.

Please check back often for any further updates on class schedule. Yoga classes are suitable for all levels of experience.

The new class location is Source Point Acupuncture Building, 317 North Meldrum, Ft. Collins, 80521

The owners, Liz and Carrie, have made beautiful and thoughtful changes to a big room--made bigger by removing walls and vaulting the ceiling. Radiant floor heat will keep us warm and storage space has been added to hold the props. I plan to have blocks, blankets, chairs and bolsters, and a few mats if you forget yours.

Other healing arts will be offered in this space and will be exciting to see this space grow in its potential to bring people together for healing and support. It has been a long, few years of yoga-at-home practice, or by zoom, or through books, let us come together now and feel the energy of a group of like-minded students, in a practice that ultimately allows for us to be of more genuine help to everyone around us. Thank you for sharing your practice time.



In-person at the yoga studio, Sunrise Room (which is the door to the right as soon as you walk in)

This class meets every Monday 5:30-6:30pm (unless cancelled and notified here)


None at this time.


This hour-long session is dedicated to the experience of sitting silently. By joining others, we support one another in remaining still and alert for a specific length of time, and find out what the path of meditation has to offer us. There is no charge for this hour, although any amount you can donate will help pay for the rental of the space.



Private classes are 1 hour long cost $75
Semi-private (up to three friends) can split the cost of $75 per hour.

Contact Cathy with questions.



 New pricing as of Jan 1 2024, 20.00 single class

Please pre-pay through Venmo@CathyWrightYoga

or by check or cash in person before class