Continuing Iyengar

Continuing Iyengar:

This class is being offered to emphasize the 4th limb of the yoga tree: Pranayama.

BKS has this to say:

“Pranayama is not just automatic habitual breathing to keep body and soul together. Through the abundant intake of oxygen by its disciplined techniques, subtle chemical changes take place in the sadhaka’s body.  The practice of asanas removes the obstructions which impede the flow of prana, and the practice of pranayama regulates that flow of prana throughout the body. It also regulates all the sadhaka’s thoughts, desires, and actions, gives poise and the tremendous will-power needed to become the matter of oneself.”
This class will begin with asanas to remove the obstructions of body stiffness, diaphragm tightness, lung sluggishness. Then the pranayama techniques will begin of observations, prolonging exhalation and inhalation, kumbakha holding, and seated pranayamas with fingers on the nostril for control.

This class is appropriate for all levels as it is more concerned with breathing and not with mastery of the asanas.  The mind is the direct beneficiary of a pranayama practice. The mind is no longer scattered and distracted, nor out of step with the present, vast, eternal moment.

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Continuing Iyengar

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